ACC President Jay Shah’s Stubbornness, Refusal to Change Asia Cup Venue

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Islamabad: The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has made a mockery of the Asia Cup schedule, with ACC President Jay Shah stubbornly refusing to change the venue of the Asia Cup.

According to sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has expressed strong reservations about this decision. First, there was an agreement to move the matches to Hambantota, and now it has been decided to hold the matches in Colombo according to the schedule.

Jay Shah had previously made fun of the World Cup schedule, and now he has made decisions regarding the Asia Cup that have caused laughter. After all the logistical arrangements have been made, new arrangements will have to be made again.

Players are also frustrated due to the unclear situation. The PCB has refused to accept a unilateral decision and demanded an emergency meeting of the ACC.

The PCB has called for a comprehensive decision on venue shifting in the meeting. According to sources, everyone was informed via email about the matches being held in Hambantota, and now another email has been sent to inform everyone that the matches will be in Colombo according to the schedule.

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