Announcement of Regional Coaches for Domestic Season Including Fourteen Test Cricketers

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Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced regional coaches for the upcoming domestic season, which will feature fourteen test cricketers and seven international cricketers. The new season is set to commence from September 10th.

The selection of coaches has been carried out through a meticulous process that takes into consideration the requirements of new players. The Cricket Technical Committee, Regional Development, and Domestic Cricket Department have jointly orchestrated and overseen this entire process.

The selected coaches are as follows:

  1. Aijaz Ahmed Junior – Head Coach Lahore Whites
  2. Riyaz Afridi – Head Coach FATA
  3. Arshad Khan – Head Coach Peshawar
  4. Azaz Cheema – Bowling Coach Lahore Whites
  5. Hmayun Farhat (Age Group) – Head Coach Lahore Whites
  6. Rauafatullah Anjum (Age Group) – Head Coach Lahore Blues
  7. Zahoor Elahi – Batting Coach Multan
  8. Shahid Nazir (Age Group) – Head Coach Faisalabad
  9. Azim Khan – First-Class Coach Larkana
  10. Irfan Fazil (Age Group) – First-Class Coach Multan
  11. Qaiser Abbas – First-Class Coach Islamabad
  12. Akram Raza – First-Class Coach Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  13. Junaid Khan – First-Class Head Coach Islamabad
  14. Abdul Rauf – First-Class Bowling Coach Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Additionally, seven international coaches have been included in the selection:

  1. Mansoor Amjad
  2. Zaheer Abbas
  3. Shoaib Khan
  4. Ghulam Ali
  5. Rafaatullah Khan
  6. Faisal Ihtsham
  7. Samiullah Niazi

The new season will kick off with the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy on September 10th, with regional teams participating. Departmental teams will then compete in the President’s Trophy starting from December 15th

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