Babar Azam Achieves Another Milestone in His Name – Hashim Amla’s Record Broken”

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Multan: National cricket team captain Babar Azam has broken the record of former South African batsman Hashim Amla, adding another significant achievement to his name. In the first match of the ongoing Asia Cup against Nepal in Multan, Babar Azam scored a century and surpassed Hashim Amla’s record.

Babar Azam has now set a new record for the most centuries in the least number of innings, surpassing Hashim Amla. In his 102nd innings of his career’s 100th international match, Babar Azam scored his 19th century. Hashim Amla had previously achieved his 19th century in his 104th innings.

Before this, in his 97 innings, Babar Azam had scored 18 centuries, making him the first batter to score 18 centuries in fewer than 100 innings. Babar’s centuries were less frequent in his initial 10 innings, with 68 innings taken for his first 10 centuries, followed by 9 centuries in 34 innings.

Among the batters with at least 19 centuries in international cricket, Babar Azam now stands alongside Hashim Amla (104 centuries), Virat Kohli (124 centuries), David Warner (139 centuries), and AB de Villiers (171 centuries).

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