Champions Trophy to be Held in Pakistan; Foreign Coach Issue to be Resolved Within a Week,” Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi.

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said in a press conference in Karachi.He expressed hope that the Champions Trophy would take place in Pakistan, emphasizing the need for Pakistanis to think about their country. Naqvi stated that the coaches’ names would be finalized within a week, and whoever the best coach, whether national or foreign, would be welcomed. The decision would be made by the selection committee, which he emphasized should be empowered. He stated he would not interfere in the process.

Naqvi emphasized that winning or losing is not the issue; hard work is what matters. He urged the team to face defeat with dignity, emphasizing that it’s impossible for the entire team to fail. He stressed the importance of team effort and the need to save money, stating that while he doesn’t have a magic lamp, the team’s hard work is essential. He also mentioned plans to upgrade three stadiums, Lahore, Karachi, and Pindi.

Regarding a meeting with Jay Shah in the ICC meeting, PCB Chairman said all matters cannot be disclosed.

He further stated that a policy would be implemented wherein those working in PCB would only work for PCB. They would strive to do everything possible for Pakistan’s betterment, maintaining continuity between both terms.

Responding to a question, Mohsin Naqvi expressed concern about Karachi stadiums being empty, stating it’s a puzzle for him as well. He pledged to address this issue.

Report By :Maqsood Ahmed.

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