Champions Trophy to be Held in Pakistan Our Preparations Underway: Mohsin Naqvi

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while speaking to journalists in a media briefing during the T20I matches of the Pakistan and West Indies Women Cricket Series in Karachi, stated, There is no reason for the Champions Trophy not to be held in Pakistan, and there is no talk of a hybrid model. The Champions Trophy will indeed take place here.

He also visited the Hanif Mohammad High Performance Centre and the associated Oval Cricket Ground in Karachi. Mohsin Naqvi emphasized that there is no reason for India not to come to the Champions Trophy, nor will the tournament be held elsewhere. He dismissed any concerns about a hybrid model, stating, We have sent the schedule all teams will come to Pakistan. If India is propagating, then you also do it.

Mohsin Naqvi asserted, All Eight teams will come to Pakistan work in the National Stadium needs to be completed before the Champions Trophy we will sit here day and night. We have hired international consultants for the development work at the stadium.

He expressed disappointment over the Women’s team’s loss despite their spirited performance, stating, The defeat is regrettable; there is much work to be done for the Women’s team. Foreign coaches are also being sought for the Women’s team, and similar initiatives will be taken for women cricketers as for men. Cricket’s money will be invested in cricket, it will not be kept in banks.

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