Complaint by Arshad Nadeem about Lack of International Standard Facilities in Pakistan

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Arshad Nadeem, who recently secured Pakistan’s first-ever medal in the World Athletics Championships, has returned to the country. Upon his return, he was welcomed with warmth and appreciation. Arshad Nadeem was accompanied by Punjab Sports Board officials to where he was showered with flowers and accolades.

Speaking to the media on this occasion in Lahore, Arshad Nadeem mentioned that he will prepare rigorously for the upcoming Asian Games and strive for excellent performance in the Paris Olympics as well. He expressed his happiness for Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal win and stated that he shares a good friendship with him. Arshad Nadeem highlighted that Pakistan lacks international-level facilities, emphasizing the need for better provisions and coaching opportunities for athletes in the country. He stated that there are only two athletes from Asia in the field of javelin, and he aims to perform well in both the Asian Games and the Olympics.

Arshad Nadeem’s remarks shed light on the existing gap in international sports facilities in Pakistan and underscored the importance of providing athletes with better resources and support to excel on the global stage.

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