Egyptian Football Star Releases Emotional Video Message in Support of Palestinians

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Cairo: Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah has issued an emotional video message in support of Palestinians who have been subjected to Israeli terrorism.

In a video message posted on the social networking site X, footballer Mohamed Salah made references to the Israeli barbarity in Gaza, stating that it is not always easy to talk about such times. The Israeli assaults involve extreme violence and relentless brutality.

He emphasized that Hamas is resolute in its conflict with Israel. All lives are sacred and must be protected, and the killings and looting must cease.

Mohamed Salah urged that several families are breaking apart and it is crucial to immediately allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. The people there are in dire straits.

He mentioned that the scenes from hospitals were also heart-wrenching last night. The people of Gaza require food, water, and medicine, and the global community must step in to prevent further mass killings of innocent people. Humanity should prevail.

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