Eighteen runs off one ball, a record set in the Tamil Nadu Premier League

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Tamil Nadu: A record of scoring 18 runs off a single ball was established in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

According to a private TV report, this T20 match was being played between Chepauk Super Gillies and Salem Spartans. Chepauk Super Gillies won the toss and chose to bat first. Their team had scored 191 runs in 19 overs.

Salem Spartans’ captain Abhishek Tanwar decided to bowl the final over himself, but he was unaware that this over would set a record in the Tamil Nadu Premier League. After conceding five runs off the first five balls, Abhishek was ready to bowl the last delivery. Chepauk Super Gillies’ batsmen had scored eight runs off the previous four balls.

Abhishek bowled a delivery which the batsman missed and the umpire signaled a no-ball. Abhishek’s next ball was also a no-ball, which the batsman hit outside the boundary line, resulting in eight runs being added to the score.

Unfortunately for Abhishek, his foot crossed the crease while delivering the third ball, and he was called for a front-foot no-ball. The batsman scored two runs off that ball. The next ball was wide, adding one more run to the score. Although Abhishek’s final delivery was a legal delivery, the batsman hit a six on it as well, thus setting a record of scoring 18 runs off the last ball in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

Abhishek explained the reasons behind his consecutive no-balls and wides, stating that he couldn’t control the ball due to the direction of the wind. With 26 runs scored in the final over, Chepauk Super Gillies’ score reached 217, while Salem Spartans’ team could only manage to score 165 runs, resulting in a 52-run defeat.

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