Empires from Across Pakistan Gather for Two-Day Workshop during 34th National Games in Quetta”

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During the 34th National Games held in Quetta, Balochistan, an enlightening two-day empires workshop took place, overseen by Faiz Muhammad, the Director of Development Empire and Tournament Empire Manager at the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). The event witnessed active participation from empires across the country, including Zavalafiqar Hussain, the Deputy Director of Empire Development from Sindh, Razia Rizvi, the Women’s Empire Manager, and many others.

The comprehensive workshop focused on modern empires, providing in-depth lectures and discussions on various aspects of empire management. Notably, the PHF has taken a significant step towards the development and promotion of empiring by appointing a dedicated team consisting of esteemed empires from different regions of Pakistan. Led by Director Development Empires Faiz Muhammad, the Deputy Director of Development Empires will work tirelessly to uplift and advance the field of empire in the country.

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