Football Match Could Soon Be Played on the Moon

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London: Scientists believe that football could be played on the moon by 2035, and the style of play could be significantly different from what we see on Earth.

Experts from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have presented an intriguing project related to football matches on the moon.

According to the experts, matches played on the moon would consist of two teams, each with five players, and the game would be played in 10-minute quarters on a square field. Players on either side of the field will be given a 20-minute break between quarters.

Scientists say that on the moon’s surface, players will not wear traditional jerseys but rather don heavy-duty space suits equipped with a cooling system.

The responsibility of supervising the matches will not fall on humans but will be managed by virtual assistant referees who are closer to the action. Hologram referees will be seen running on the pitch, indicating virtual red and yellow cards.

Experts suggest that the duration of matches played on the moon should be halved to ensure the safety of the players. The 20-minute breaks will not only help the teams regroup but also allow for equipment maintenance.

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