Former cricketer Mohammad Yousuf’s appeal to support Babar Azam from the nation

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Islamabad: Former Pakistan cricket team player Mohammad Yousuf has appealed to the nation to support Pakistan cricket team’s captain Babar Azam.

Mohammad Yousuf has said in support of Babar Azam that the entire nation must stand by Babar Azam because he is the captain of Pakistan and is representing Pakistan.

The former cricketer said that all our players are playing for Pakistan, and in sports, there are wins and losses, but we have to support them. We have won the World Cup several times before, yes, our performance is good, but we need to have a big vision because if we don’t have a big vision, our team may face difficulties in the upcoming matches.

He further stated that we hope that Pakistan will win the next four matches and win with a good run rate to qualify in the top four teams. Therefore, as players and as a nation, we need to have this mindset that the national cricket team is the best.

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