Goatam Gambhir Criticizes Biased Attitude in the Pakistan-India Match”

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In an article published by the Arab news agency Khaleej Times, former Indian cricketer and commentator Gautam Gambhir criticized the biased behavior of Indian cricket fans during the Pakistan-India match. He stated that he did not feel any sense of pride when witnessing the prejudiced attitude displayed towards Pakistani cricketers in Ahmedabad.

Gambhir pointed out that even though the Indian cricket team had won all three matches, the behavior of Indian fans inside the stadium was far from exemplary. He expressed astonishment at whether the love for the sport was genuine or if it was solely based on adoration for Indian superstars.

The former cricketer revealed that during the Afghanistan-India match in Delhi, the audience had displayed unruly behavior towards the Afghanistan batsmen, repeatedly chanting the name of Kohli, as there was an ongoing rivalry between the two players in the Indian Premier League.

Referring to the Pakistan-India encounter in Ahmedabad, he recounted an incident during the coin toss where Babar Azam was subjected to misconduct. Gambhir emphasized the need for a more impartial approach, especially if India wants to host the 2036 Olympics. He stated that he supports competition and backing one’s team but does not endorse displaying unsportsmanlike conduct towards the opposing team.

Gautam Gambhir mentioned the statement made by Pakistan team’s director Micky Arthur and concluded by saying that he was commentating in Ahmedabad when he witnessed this biased attitude, and it did not make him feel any sense of pride.

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