Indian Media Reacts Strongly to Mickey Arthur Press Conference Following Defeat to India

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After the defeat to India in the ICC World Cup, Pakistan’s team director Mickey Arthur statement during the press conference has drawn strong reactions from the Indian media.

Yesterday, Mickey Arthur had stated after the loss to India that the match was not an ICC event but rather a BCCI event, and Pakistan had received little support.

During the press conference,Mickey Arthurdiscussed Pakistan’s lack of support, saying, “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the case. I didn’t even hear Pakistan support on the microphones. Support helps, but I’m not saying it was the reason for the loss.”

When the Indian media approached the BCCI official regarding Mickey Arthur press conference, their response was, “There was no harm in showing support for Pakistan, but when do you show it? Did you show it when Babar and Rizwan were hitting boundaries? Did you show it when Rohit Sharma dismissed Shahin Afridi? You only show it when you are in the stands, and there wasn’t a single Pakistani fan there.”

The Pakistani team director’s press conference has led the Indian media to claim that Mickey Arthur has started a strange and bizarre rant, expressing disappointment in the support for the home team in the stadium and directing criticism at the Indian board by opening Pandora’s box.

The Indian media further states that Mickey Arthur didn’t continue discussing the issue in fear of further repercussions, as he felt he had crossed his limits.

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