IOC President Thomas Bach announced plans to create Olympic Esports Games during the 141st IOC Session in Mumbai.

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Bach welcomed the Indian Prime Minister and praised India’s commitment to Olympic sports.

He acknowledged the growing influence of esports, with over three billion people worldwide involved in gaming, with over 500 million interested in esports, especially those under 34 years old.

Bach stated that the IOC had initiated engagement with the esports community since 2018, emphasizing the importance of aligning with Olympic values. They organized the Olympic Virtual Series and Olympic Esports Week, where players from around the world competed in mixed-gender events, generating significant online viewership.

Bach discussed the need for the Olympic Movement to embrace digital technology and artificial intelligence, emphasizing the importance of involving the younger generation and forming an AI working group of experts.

He stressed the need for sport to adapt to the digital world to engage with the youth demographic effectively.

Bach also highlighted the excitement surrounding the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024, with support from political leaders, including the G20 Leaders at their Summit in India.

He thanked Prime Minister Modi for his leadership and support for the Olympic Games.

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