Kashmir Premier League’s

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July 6, 2022
پی سی بی نے ایشیا کپ سری لنکا ہی میں کرانے کی حمایت کر دی 
July 16, 2022
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Kashmir Premier League’s

Kashmir Premier League’s Vice President Wasim Akram said that there is no competition of Kashmir Premier League with Pakistan Super League (PSL), KPL is the first step for cricketers to emerge, as the first Season of the League had produced two skillful players like Salman Irshad and Zamaan Khan, they have marked their place in PSL with outstanding performances, just like that every other player of KPL can perform well to progress ahead and make it to the Pakistan’s National Team.

Waseem Akram has further said that Kashmir Premier League aims to run alongside Pakistan Super League, KPL is serving like a nursery where cricketers for PSL will get prepared, it has been said about Kashmiri cricketers that they don’t get chance here so, KPL is a platform for them where they can perform to prove their talent.

Vice President of KPL Wasim Akram said that Kashmir Premier League’s first Season was a massive success and the reason behind was the President of KPL Arif Malik and untiring efforts of CEO Shehzad Akhtar. We have decided to provide the people of Kashmir a good experience of cricket with no compromise on the quality this has made the first Season a triumph and now Season 2 will be organized as another pinnacle.

He further said that Kashmir is filled with breathtaking beauty and heaven’s sights of the valley also the people of Kashmir are very graceful and loving, as cricket enthusiasts they appreciate watching cricket also besides having a keen desire to play cricket, in Season 2 they will get to witness more quality cricket.

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