Khawaja Muhammad Asif has not been provided with correct information regarding PHF. PHF is a selective institution. Sayeda Shehla Raza

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Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Vice President, Syeda Shehla Raza, in a video message released on Monday, expressed her belief that Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has not been provided with accurate information regarding national hockey and PHF-related matters. PHF is a selected institution, and the selection of its officials has been done after a legal process. According to the PHF constitution, they were elected for a second term.

Shehla Raza stated that the officials of PHF should be called for a briefing on this matter. The briefing should cover the duration of the audit being conducted. Only then can it be determined whether the committee members are correct or not. Shehla Raza, who is also the Minister of Sindh, further added that she is pleased that the federal government is taking an interest in national hockey and has formed a committee. However, it would have been better to see the stance of PHF regarding the committee and other hockey matters before its formation.

It is evident that a PHF committee had imposed a ban on former Olympian and current team manager Khawaja Junaid for allowing 12 players to play in the match against Japan in the Asia Cup, which was astonishingly against the rules. As a result of the manager’s negligence, Pakistan was eliminated from the Men’s Hockey World Cup.
Shehla Raza emphasized that PHF will always support the government in conducting audits based on accountability for eradicating mismanagement and utilizing funds effectively, considering the past twenty-five years.

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