Maham Manzoor: Strong Determination Makes Everything Possible

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Karachi, In Pakistan, all the young women cricketers who are currently playing at the national level have a similar story, and that is the determination to do something extraordinary in difficult circumstances.

Maham Manzoor, who hails from Hyderabad, is also the owner of strong willpower. She is working hard to fulfill her dream of playing for the Pakistan women’s cricket team, and she is confident that her hard work will pay off and she will shine for her country just like her favorite cricketer, Javeria Khan.

Speaking to Maham Manzoor from PCB Digital, she said that her cricket journey started like many other girls in the neighborhood, playing street tape ball cricket. She then went on to participate in Under-19 trials and after being selected, she also played in the domestic tournament.

Maham reveals that she watched a women’s cricket match on TV once and it sparked a desire in her heart to play alongside Sana Mir, Bismah Maroof, and Javeria Khan. Javeria Khan’s presence on the field has greatly influenced her.

Maham says that she played only one Under-19 match, but after that, regional cricket in Hyderabad ended. She was advised that if she wanted to play cricket seriously, she should shift her focus from Hyderabad to Karachi, but it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

According to Maham, the biggest challenge in playing in Karachi was accommodation. She almost stayed in Karachi for a year with a relative, but there were many issues. After practicing for two days in Karachi, she had to go back to Hyderabad.

The turning point for Maham Manzoor was when she got a job in the department. She used to travel from Hyderabad to Karachi on match days, sometimes playing two matches in a week, thanks to the support of senior cricketers who ensured continuous two-day matches. This made it difficult for her to stay in Karachi for more days, but public transport was not easy to access.

Maham is grateful to her family for always supporting her, even if not financially, but morally. Their encouragement played an important role in advancing her cricket career. She says that her entire family relies on her. Since she started playing cricket, she has faced many difficulties, but the salary she received from the department was of great importance to her. If it hadn’t been there, she might have quit cricket given the tough times she went through.

Maham feels sad that her father could not see her play for Pakistan. It was her dream that her daughter plays cricket and brings glory to her country, but life did not fulfill that wish as her father passed away five years ago. However, she always boosts her morale by saying, “Keep good hope. Things will happen soon.”

Maham Manzoor says that the target is to play for the national team, but before that, they have to overcome the stages that come their way. She is thankful to have reached this point and hopes to play for the national team one day. She has worked hard, and she believes that she deserves to play and should not lose hope so quickly.

Maham Manzoor advises the emerging cricketers to pursue their passion and talent if they have the desire to play. Everyone faces challenges, and senior cricketers have also faced difficulties to reach where they are today. There is no need to panic. If families don’t support, she requests them to encourage their daughters.

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