National Junior Hockey Team Embarks on Journey to Salalah, Oman for the Junior Asia Cup”

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The Pakistan Hockey Federation President, Brigadier (R) Khalid Sajjad Khokhar, has conveyed his best wishes to the junior hockey team as they set off for Salalah, Oman, via Muscat, to compete in the prestigious Junior Asia Cup.

Comprising of 18 skilled players, the National junior hockey team is fully prepared for the tournament, with an additional six players placed on standby. Accompanying the team are esteemed personnel including manager and chief coach, Olympian Hanif Khan, team consultant Roelment Altmans, coaching coach Olympian Zeeshan Ashraf, assistant coach Asif Ahmed Khan, video analyst Syed Ali Abbas, and physiotherapist Waqas Mahmood.

The 18-member junior team is composed of Ali Raza, Muhammad Faizan Janjua, Mohammad Abdullah (Captain), Aqeel Ahmed, Arbaaz Ahmed, Ehtisham Aslam, Mohammad Sufyan Khan, Arbaaz Ayaz, Mohammad Murtaza Yaqub, Arshad Liaquat, Ali Murtaza, Zakaria Hayat, Abdul Rehman, Abdul Qayyum Dogar, Abdul Hanan Shahid (Vice Captain), Abdul Wahab, Basharete Ali, and Bilal Akram. Additionally, the standby list includes Bilal Khan as the goalkeeper, Muhammad Bilal Aslam, Muhammad Baqir, Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Muhammad Adnan, and Waqar Ali.

With a strong lineup and the support of their dedicated coaching staff, the junior hockey team is poised to showcase their skills and compete fiercely in the Junior Asia Cup. The entire nation eagerly awaits their success and wishes them the best in their journey to bring glory to Pakistan.

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