Pakistani cricket great batsmen Mohsin Hasan Khan discloses divorce from ex-partner

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Karachi :Former Pakistan star batsman Mohsen Hasan Khan reveals divorce from his former wife in a conversation with Boom Boom Naqi on YouTube. mohsen hasan states that he has no regrets about the separation and that it was a personal decision for both of them.

He also expresses sorrow over media coverage of his ex-wife and reveals that they are still in contact for their daughter. mohsen Khan also shares memories of his time with Bollywood legends Dilip Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, and Jackie Shroff during shooting, and reveals that Indian actress Hema Malini tried to stop him from working in a film.

He adds that he turned down offers to work in Indian films and on the IPL to uphold the respect of Pakistan. mohsen khan also shares that he was dropped from the team due to lobbying and favoritism in Pakistani cricket.

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