Pakistani Martial Arts Player Defeats Fiery French Opponent in the United States

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Miami: Shahzeb Rind, a martial arts player hailing from the provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta, secured victory in his second match in the United States. After suffering defeat, the enraged French opponent threw chairs at the spectators.

According to media reports, the competition took place in the city of Miami, Florida, USA, in the lightweight category between the Pakistani player and 23-year-old Tomi Isoza from France. In the first round of the three-round match, Tomi Isoza launched a fierce attack on Shahzeb Rind, attempting to take him down, but Isoza’s efforts fell short.

Shahzeb Rind maintained his dominance in the remaining two rounds, launching aggressive and powerful assaults on his opponent. As a result, after three intense minutes of three rounds, the Pakistani player emerged victorious.

Following his win, Pakistani spectators cheered loudly in support of Shahzeb Rind, who proudly raised the national flag. He then humbly expressed his gratitude by prostrating in thanks. The defeated French player and his coach stormed off the stage, throwing insults at the Pakistani spectators chanting in support of Shahzeb Rind. Security guards had to intervene during the incident.

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