Pakistan’s Usman Chand Fails to Qualify for Olympics in Shooting

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Pakistan’s Usman Chand fell short in his attempt to qualify for the Olympics in Paris.

Usman Chand secured the fourth position in the shooting qualifiers in Doha, while only the top two players qualified for the Olympics.

Initially, Usman Chand was in the second position after 36 shots, but he missed 2 targets in the 37th to 40th shots.

Due to the 2 missed targets, Usman slipped from second to fourth position.
He hit 34 targets out of 40, but after dropping to fourth position, Usman missed out on the medal with his final 20 shots.

It is noteworthy that so far, three shooters from Pakistan have qualified for the Paris Olympics, including Kashmala Talat , J.M. Bashir, and Gulfam Joseph.

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