PCB Approves Up to 35% Increase in Salaries for Board Employees

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Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee members have approved an increase of up to 35% in the salaries of board employees, considering the rising inflation.

According to sources, the highest increment in financial terms has been made for employees such as groundsmen, drivers, and gardeners, for whom the approved rate has been set at up to 35%. The rate of increment will range from 10% to 35%, taking into account the employees’ positions and salaries.

After addressing the administrative matters, the management committee had initially imposed salary cuts on the directors. The management committee’s term is scheduled to end on June 21, while other important matters, including the formation of the Board of Governors, are currently being addressed. It is highly likely that within the next two to three days, there will be strong indications of two individuals being nominated by PCB’s Chief Patron, Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

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