Rashid Nasim becomes the first athlete in the world to set 100 global records in martial arts.

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Rashid Nasim has achieved two more global records.

Karachi: Guinness World Records 2024 has now accepted Rashid Nasim’s 7 world records. With the number of records now at 101, he has fulfilled his duty of completing a century of global records. He hasn’t thought about setting more records yet. Accomplishments include being the first Pakistani to complete 100 global records, completing the first 50 global records. The only martial arts academy in the world that has completed 100 records. The only family with 107 global records. The elderly and young world record holder also belongs to Pakistan. My father, daughter, and wife are also global record holders. The honor of breaking more than 35 global records in India. Guinness World Records has also accepted Rashid Nasim’s 2 more global records, and the details of the records have been released on their website. According to which, Rashid Nasim broke the German record in the first record, in which Kay Segenthler spun the stick 192 times with fire, while Rashid Nasim broke this record by spinning the stick with fire 195 times. In the second record, Rashid Nasim broke the marble slab the most by breaking it with his head. According to the condition of Guinness World Records, the marble tiles had to be approximately one inch thick and had to be kept together with tape. Rashid Nasim broke 10 marble tiles in one go. Rashid Nasim has dedicated these world records to Palestine and said, ‘I have been working continuously for 10 years, but I have not been invited by any government representative so far, nor have I received any recognition.’ He has set records in every category of martial arts, not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world, making him the first athlete in the world to set the most global records.

Report By :Maqsood Ahmed.

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