Rising Swimming Stars Hareem Malik and Meher Maqbool Shine Bright in Sindh’s Sporting Landscape

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Hareem clinches three gold medals while Meher adds one to Sindh’s tally at the National Games

KARACHI: The recently concluded 34th National Games in Quetta witnessed exceptional performances from talented athletes across the nation. Among them, two rising swimming stars from Sindh, Hareem Malik and Meher Maqbool, showcased their prowess and made their province proud by securing top honors in the swimming events.

Hareem Malik, a remarkable 14-year-old swimmer, stood out with her extraordinary achievements, securing three gold medals in the swimming discipline. Displaying her exceptional skills and determination, Hareem claimed victory in the 50m, 100m, and 200m breaststroke events. Not to be outdone, her fellow swimmer, 13-year-old Meher Maqbool, contributed to Sindh’s success by capturing a gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle swimming event held at the Punjab International Swimming Complex in Lahore. Together, they amassed an impressive total of four gold medals for their province in the swimming competitions.

The accomplishments of Hareem Malik and Meher Maqbool serve as a testament to the rising talent and dedication within Sindh’s sporting community. As these promising young athletes continue to make strides in their respective disciplines, they inspire others to pursue their dreams and contribute to the nation’s sporting legacy.

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