Safyan Khan, 3 times gold medalist in Safe Games, received a grand welcome on his arrival at KPT Sports Center

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Safiyan Khan’s Arrival at KPT Sports Center Celebrated with Joy”

Safiyan Khan, who recently defeated Afghanistan’s Haideri in the Afghanistan Tournament, was welcomed with a grand celebration at Karachi’s KPT Sports Center. Safiyan completed his training at the KPT Sports Center under the guidance of his brother, Muaaz Khan, and went on to participate in the tournament, eventually winning it. Muaaz Khan, who is also Safiyan’s brother, played a significant role in polishing his game as the head coach of the sports center. Muaaz Khan himself has won three gold medals in the Safe Games.

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On this occasion, they discussed and appreciated the efforts of KPT Chairman Syed Raza Zaidi and KPT General Manager Administration Brigadeer Tariq Bashir in the field of sports. They also acknowledged the facilities available at the KPT Sports Center.

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