The 4th Pakistan Open Ten pin Championship will be held in Karachi from November 7th.

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Karachi : During the championship, more than 150 players, including the defending champion Ahmir Abbas Sindhila, will participate in eight different categories from across the country. The top four players in the event will also qualify for the Dubai Open Championship next year.

If the government removes duties on the equipment for bowling, international events, and ten pin can flourish across the country. Ten pin, a sport played in 156 countries around the world, has been fighting for its survival in Pakistan for the past 14 years. Khwaja Ahmed, the Senior Vice President of Pakistan Ten pin Federation, mentioned.

If the government provides facilities, we are ready to host international events, says Aleem Agha, President of the Sindh Ten pin Association.

During a press conference in Karachi, President of the Sindh Ten pin Association, Aleem Agha, provided details of the 4th Ten pin Open Bowling Championship. The championship will commence on November 7th, and the closing ceremony will be held on November 12th. On this occasion, Pakistan Ten pin Federation’s Senior Vice President Khwaja Ahmed Mastaqim and defending champion Ahmir Abbas Sindhila were also present. More than 150 players from all over the country will participate in the eight-day event played at the Royal Rodale Club, in double and single matches across eight different categories. The total prize money for the championship is set at 2.5 million rupees. Aleem Agha mentioned that due to a lack of facilities and sponsor disinterest, there are many challenges. However, with government support, we can overcome any difficulty. Our players have showcased their skills worldwide, and we hope that the government, under its patronage, will also host an international event in Pakistan.

Khwaja Ahmed Mastaqim, Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Ten pin Federation, stated that ten pin equipment has to be imported from abroad. The most popular sport in 156 countries is fighting for its survival in Pakistan. If the government provides a subsidy on bowling equipment, it can expand the game of ten pin throughout the country.

Defending champion Amir Abbas Sindhila expressed his desire to nurture future players by setting up camps for under-13 players.

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