Tiger Woods slammed for ‘learning nothing’ by Olympic legend Michael Johnson after tampon prank on Justin Thomas

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Olympic legend Michael Johnson has hit out at Tiger Woods after the golf icon’s tampon prank on Justin Thomas.

Woods sparked a backlash at the Genesis Invitational on Thursday by handing his playing partner a tampon after outdriving him.

Woods’ gesture was caught on camera

The 15-time major winner has since apologised for any offence caused as many considered the joke disrespectful to women.

Speaking after his second round on Friday, Woods said: “Yeah it was supposed to be fun and games but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way.

“If I offended anybody it was not the case, it was just friends having fun and as I said if I offended anybody in any way shape or form, I’m sorry.

“It was not intended to be that way it was just… we play pranks on one another all the time and virally I think this did not come across that way but between us it was different.”

However, four-time Olympic gold medallist Johnson was not convinced by Woods’ apology.

The former sprinter tweeted: “Apology starting with ‘If I offended anyone’ is no apology. But this is Tiger. Never been a leader and he’s Teflon. Still heralded after all the mistakes so he’s learned nothing. Media focus always on miraculous recovery. Never why the need for recovery.”

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