Warm-up Matches Aim to Improve Performance in Fielding: Rizwan

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National team wicketkeeper-batsman, Mohammad Rizwan, has expressed the need to enhance Pakistan’s fielding despite striving to adapt to Indian conditions.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has released a video statement from Mohammad Rizwan in which he stated that the purpose of warm-up matches is to improve performance, and Pakistan has gained valuable experience and insights from these matches.

He emphasized the importance of improving fielding, stating that efforts are being made to acclimatize to Indian conditions. After observing the pitch and considering the team’s situation, they play accordingly. The match against New Zealand showed better performance, with runs being scored.

Rizwan also pointed out that playing anywhere brings joy and boosts confidence, but playing in India feels different due to the unique atmosphere and the warm welcome they receive. He mentioned that the experience of arriving at Hyderabad airport, where the resonating cheers were distinct, created a unique feeling. The love and support of the Indian people for Pakistani cricketers are noteworthy, and the warm welcome in India will always be cherished.

He expressed hope that when the Pakistani team visits India in the future, they will receive a similar warm welcome from the Indian fans.

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