Pakistan’s Path to the Semi-Finals After New Zealand’s Victory Against Sri Lanka

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After New Zealand’s convincing win against Sri Lanka in a crucial World Cup match in Bangalore, Pakistan’s journey to the semi-finals has become more challenging. While New Zealand secured their spot in the semi-finals with ease, Pakistan’s hopes now hinge on specific scenarios.

The simplest way for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals was for Sri Lanka to defeat New Zealand. Unfortunately, this wish of Pakistani cricket enthusiasts did not materialize.

As India, South Africa, and Australia have already qualified for the Super Four stage, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are vying for the last spot. To reach the semi-finals, all three teams must win their final matches, and run rate becomes a crucial factor.

New Zealand secured their semi-final spot by winning their last group match, accumulating 10 points and placing fourth on the points table. On the other hand, Pakistan and Afghanistan find themselves in a tight spot with 8 points each, occupying the fifth and sixth positions.

Pakistan faces England in their last match and needs to defeat them by a margin of 287 runs to secure a semi-final berth. The specific run rate scenarios for Pakistan against England are outlined as follows:

If Pakistan scores 300 runs against England, they must bowl out the English team for 13 runs.
If Pakistan scores 350 runs, England should be restricted to 62 runs.
If Pakistan scores 400 runs, England must be bowled out for 112 runs.
If Pakistan scores 450 runs, England should be limited to 161 runs.
If England bats first and Pakistan restricts them to 50 runs, the Green Shirts need to achieve the target in 2.5 overs, which seems nearly impossible.

On the other hand, Afghanistan’s path to the semi-finals involves defeating South Africa by 438 runs, an apparent and formidable challenge.

The cricket fans in Pakistan are now anxiously waiting to see if their team can overcome these obstacles and secure a spot in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

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