FIFA Demands Delayed Payments from Pakistan Football Federation, Imposes Obligation of 300 Million Rupees”

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Islamabad: Due to delays in payments to FIFA, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is facing an obligation of hundreds of millions of rupees.

According to sources, the Pakistan Football Federation owes FIFA between 250 to 300 million rupees. The PFF has not been able to pay daily allowances to players, coaching staff, and other personnel due to the lack of funds. According to sources, funds were not available, which led to the inability of the PFF to rehire the assistant coach of the women’s team.

The Pakistan Football Federation has not received FIFA’s payments since May due to the non-payment of team operation expenses. FIFA allocates separate funds for various matters, and the non-payment of operational expenses is causing difficulties for the PFF. It is also likely that FIFA’s request for required documents has been delayed due to the lack of payment.

Sources suggest that FIFA has already released funds for the previously approved election process to the PFF. However, FIFA will complete its processes only after fulfilling other payments.

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