Did not lobby for Shaheen, advised Babar to retain captain, Shahid Afridi

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Karachi: Former captain of the national team, Shahid Afridi, has stated that he did not advocate for leadership for Shaheen Afridi; instead, he advised to maintain Babar Azam as captain.

Speaking on a private TV channel, Shahid Afridi expressed, I solemnly affirm that I have never supported Shaheen Afridi for captaincy, nor have I ever supported or opposed him. I advised to keep Babar Azam as captain.

Shahid Afridi said that he is surprised and saddened by those who accuse him of lobbying, as he is not involved in such matters, and there is no need for him to do so. If there were any issues, he would never speak against the chairman.

He mentioned his consistent support for Mohammad Rizwan as captain in white-ball cricket, stating that Rizwan knows the art of leading and taking everyone along. Afridi emphasized his desire to keep Shaheen Afridi away from captaincy.

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